The PRESCHOOL at New Hope Christian Church
Learning Goals
Goals for personal development
Our classrooms and programs are designed to provide a healthy balance of academic, moral and physical learning. Children learn valuable lessons when they interact with other children at school.
We stress the importance of sharing, being considerate of others, responsible and polite,
to follow directions and, of course, obey the
Golden Rule

Goals for academic development
Our goal for the two and three year old children in our  Beginnerís Class is to teach them to recognize the letters in their names, various colors, shapes and counting skills.
We want the boys and girls in our Pre Kindergarten class to be ready for Kindergarten with a basic understanding of letters and sounds, the ability to write their names and recognize other basic words and numbers.
Children learn at their own pace.. Preschool should never be a stressful time.  We want the children in our care to be happy and comfortable with our programs. It's important that they enjoy the experience.
Congratulations Kindergarteners!
Children learn by sharing and respecting others.