Daily Schedule
Classes are held Monday through Friday mornings. We begin welcoming children at 8:45 each morning and classes begin at 9:00.
Children will be ready to be picked up at noon.

School Year Calendar
We operate our preschool year according to the Marple Newtown School District schedule. We also follow their calendar for holidays  as well as closings for "snow days".
Link to Marple Newtown School District Calendar

Daily Schedule of Activities*
9:00: Free time to play
Clean up time, bathroom breaks
9:30: Circle time. Songs, group learning games, sharing, calendar time, exercises and morning prayer start the day.
10:00: Learning Centers with separate classes for 2-3 year olds and 4-5 year olds
11:00: Snack time and bathroom breaks
11:30: Recess. Outdoor play-weather permitting.

Quiet time. Prepare for 12:00 pick up.

All times and activities are "approximate", since there are never rigid schedules in preschool!

The PRESCHOOL at New Hope Christian Church